giovedì 14 ottobre 2010

I want it that way

I want it that way

The aphrodisiac All you need is your voice
Hear my name I called to respond
He tells me that you love me
So I call you to answer all the questions I had about love

Without words I use my tongue to tell the story of us
Find your shadowscape
On his knees in front of my eyes feast on their
masculinity and
Everything is the divinity and I praise
Why is this all for me
I start to enjoy its pleasures
Digestion of the decline in black semi-sweet chocolate
that melts
Down my chin
Your taste is something Godiva could not recreate
You need every atom of your anatomy
Necessity is placed upon me, knowing that they are the
source of my serendipity
In and out of me stroking more than my consciesness
Subconsciously I find myself rewinding our love scenes
In my dreams
Seeing that face you make when you're making me cum
And I feel like that right there

Thinking of you in inappropriate places I
tingling sensations in private locations where I want to
be between a rock and a hard place

As you develop the moisture begin to open my legs and
my job became a backwater and all I want to do is turn it
You know my body like the back of the hand
It touches me and send me into ecstasy

My thighs quiver in expectation of a deep penetration
that comes to my high
Council increase
Fusion Makeup
And joking
Back scratch
You are so big and so hard, you give me all right, you
are my mortal sin. "

I see your tongue pink between your lips and I want it in
And fight
As you lick torturing me
I try to escape, but
Not really

Short of begging for more space against the wall that
was scratched by my stilletos
Separating my thighs and tell me again
And I gladly submit to you because I love the way I
Demanding that I cum for you, so do what you say

You've formed so I'm good to no one but you
You have conquered the world once and multiplied
Over and over

My face radiates with after-glow
My pillow smells of you
A fragrance which haunts me
My room smells like the best sex

Covered in body prints and finger prints all over me
Your name written indelibly upon my body at the genetic

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