venerdì 10 maggio 2013


" A slave ...?
  In chains ...!?
  I shall allow it !! "
                      Cassandra laughed !

" For my own amusement ! "
                     Cassandra roared !

" ... force of an angel
   heart of a demon...

  Be warned you will bow to my power
  Shiver from my fury 
  Imprisoned by my desires !

   Be warned !
   What I shall say ...
    Is what you shall do !
    ... in spite of all the chains you have         me through .

    So I shall go to the crossroads,
    Where the night meets the moon.
     Whispering and dancing, tempting  and  alluring 
     Highest winds shall hear my chanting !

    A slave in chain !!!??!
    I roar with power !!
    Imprisoning me ?

    Curse is the creature and its desire!
    A slave no more  !! "

text by micaela alexandra Athanasiu
drawing of maurizio barraco

copyright by 2013

giovedì 2 maggio 2013


The thread of dreams she is weaving...desire, gentleness and chaos.
But nobody believes her powers.
So she rose from her sleep, danced in the moonlight, made loved to darkness and entangled the men souls.
" The dreams within a dream are real!", Cassandra said .
" Be warned!"
" I am a force of an angel with a heart of a demon !"
" You only saw it as a dream! But dreams within a dream are real !"

 text       Ela Alexandra Athanasiu
drawing Maurizio Barraco 
model    Cassandra Fin