venerdì 10 maggio 2013


" A slave ...?
  In chains ...!?
  I shall allow it !! "
                      Cassandra laughed !

" For my own amusement ! "
                     Cassandra roared !

" ... force of an angel
   heart of a demon...

  Be warned you will bow to my power
  Shiver from my fury 
  Imprisoned by my desires !

   Be warned !
   What I shall say ...
    Is what you shall do !
    ... in spite of all the chains you have         me through .

    So I shall go to the crossroads,
    Where the night meets the moon.
     Whispering and dancing, tempting  and  alluring 
     Highest winds shall hear my chanting !

    A slave in chain !!!??!
    I roar with power !!
    Imprisoning me ?

    Curse is the creature and its desire!
    A slave no more  !! "

text by micaela alexandra Athanasiu
drawing of maurizio barraco

copyright by 2013