giovedì 24 settembre 2009

ho visto la luce

he sees his reflection
in the light that shines from her eyes
glowing bright
it is morning, it is no surprise
he gazes upon her from head to toe
how does he tell her
the words form like atoms in his head
how does he let her know
repeating a thousand times but they are left unsaid
can she tell by the lines on his face
she is lying on her side
she glows
illuminating the empty space
her beauty is something he wants to taste
and his pain can not resist
those tempting pensive lips of hers
he feels a rushas her glance becomes a solitary stare
a flush of hot crimson on his face
she is like a magnet
a strong force you can not mistake
she is pulling him in
is it a sin?
to him she is an angel
that diminishes, defuses
all of mankind's disgrace
he has seen the light
the beautiful light
that shines from her eyes
and reflects on his face
lyrics by Jacqueline Williams Bourgeois 2009
drawings by Maurizio Barraco 2009
tutti i diritti riservati agli autori