sabato 11 luglio 2009


l'artista maurizio barraco è stato invitato ad un simposio d'arte presso la citta di Sarajevo dal 16 al 23 luglio 2009, una importante kermesse di arte e cultura, un vernissage presso la cittadina di jahorina nella bosnia herzegovina, una importante manifestazione.

Maurizio Barraco

Subject: Invitation for participation

The Art Colony 'Art Symposium Jahorina’ under the patronage of Olympic Centre Jahorina, has been an international cultural manifestation since 1st of May 2003 whose founder and the Art Director is Mr. Lazo Savic from Pale.

In the period of 14th to 23th of July 2009 we shall organize the seventh convocation so we kindly invite you to take part in this manifestation.

Well selected personnel of the ‘Art Symposium Jahorina’ which convened more than 200 painters, sculptors and graphic artists who came from different cultural, geographic and ethnical regions point out the new organisational variance towards the affirmation of multiethnic and international character of this art colony.

‘Art Symposium Jahorina’ has been already introduced to the art public of Pale, Brcko, Bijeljina and Sarajevo by exhibits and media. It is a regular participant of international festival Sarajevo ‘Sarajevo winter’. The organisation of exhibits is also planned in other towns of Republika Srpska, BiH, Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia.

The organizer is obliged to provide the necessary material for all participants (except the paintbrushes and trowels), accommodation and food.

For further information please contact the Art Director Mr. Lazo Savic
Tel +387 57 223 543 or +387 65 637 426


The Organizing Committee of gallery “Art Jahorina” Pale, March, 2009.

S.P. Please confirm me your arrival as soon as possible!